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friend: says something that vaguely references song lyric
Song: Shut Up and Dance


"We were victims of the night, the chemical, physical, kryptonite."

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Just to let people know that you will not be upset or uncomfortable if their characters do develop crushes and act/make advances to your characters! Also if you’re okay with certain characters but not others than please specify!  (◡‿◡)


Kids Next Door moves onto the retail division.


locked outside your apartment in your underwear and have to ask your cute neighbor for help au

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(Source: rp-ask-box-memes)

((Ok. Shit has happened and I’m not able to get on as much anymore. So I’m going on simi-hiatus until things get better. There’s only one thread I’m going to complete at the moment between my side blog nohboddy-the-masked-cat, godofmod and robynthegirlwonderr. As for this account I will be keeping up with donttouchthatbutton and operativesofthelostsector but replies may be slow. I will also check for messages every once in a while and do one shot replies. Otherwise I’m not going to be bothering. If you care to want to know what’s going on, my Skype is nohboddy.)


First the Cybug Incident, and now there is a brand new game with a whole new type of enemy to be kept in check.



As it was a brand new multi-console multi-arcade internet-based game, it never actually stopped going, which meant that Vale (and many antiviruses like him, natch) had to dedicate quite a bit of time to keeping the fusions in check when the players couldn’t; without that, they’d pretty much overrun and cause havoc.

(The game-devs didn’t know this, of course. They still had the thought that the games stopped.)

Thankfully, they didn’t fight alone; there were enough people to keep the game in check along with them. Heck, some of the characters could even leave now and again.

(Operatives 362 and 86 seemed to be really popular with the Sugar Rush kids. Girl Power, apparently.)

It was on a beatdown break where Vale found himself, sat under an awning, trying to catch his breath; wishing he had a drink of some description.

(He wasn’t used to fighting Fusions, and it was hard work.)


Amanda was sitting at a Mister Smoothie, trying to decide what flavor she wanted.As always she had her music playing. Ironically it was “Shut Up and Drive” that was playing currently.

While the players were mostly offline the Fusions tended to not cause as much of a fuss. Though the more powerful or stupid ones tended to be active no matter what. The more instinctual and neutral ones were perfectly harmless during regular offline hours.

She noticed one of the new anti-viruses walking by the place and blinked. She’d actually never met one of them before. This intrigued the teen recruit and she decided to put her smoothie treat on hold for the moment, walking out and waving the boy down.

"Yo! You’re one of them anti-viruses, ain’t cha?"

While her Cajun accent wasn’t thick, she still took on the speech pattern from the typing style of her player.

"I’m Doctah Pillows," She held her hand out to him. "At yer service."


Ziad Nekad Haute Couture Fall-Winter




Sooo many =,(